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  1. Rats in a box

    A metaphor that’s as disturbing as it is useful.

  2. The Art of Being Critiqued: 7 Rules to Die by

    How do you not just survive a critique session, but benefit from it? Here are seven guidelines that might help.

  3. Interview at AuthorTurf

    I just did a fun interview at Author Turf. It’s easily the longest interview I’ve ever done, with lots of interesting questions.

  4. The Art of Critique: 6 Rules to Live By

    Critiquing other people’s work isn’t just a great way to improve their writing. It will help yours, too.

  5. Play and Life

    Just some thoughts on playing and life and how they intertwine… Enjoy!



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It's a book. It's a puzzle. It's a game... It's Mathfinder!

Each Mathfinder book contains an exciting mystery adventure, featuring you as the star. To move through the story, you solve illustrated Mathfinder puzzles. The puzzles are an entirely new kind of math puzzle, one that was designed specifically for these books.

There are four books available, two with addition and subtraction puzzles, and two with multiplication and division puzzles.

Get more information here!

Dragon Run

Dragon RunDragon Run is a fast-paced fantasy adventure published by Scholastic in March of 2013.

It's about a boy living in a world ruled by dragons, and what he discovers about them.

At the book's web site, you can learn about Testing Day, magic, read a lost chapter or two, even find out where you would fit into the book, if you were a character!

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